Friday, May 21, 2010

Your Photo & My Edit

My good friend Seth sent me this photo of his little brother, Ezra! (I've really grown attached to Looly. And by attached, I also mean he's attached at my hip. :-)) The original photo is very good but I really wanted to add emphasis to Ezra's face. Lot of brightening (brightness/contrast as well), some levels (I think), smoothing, bringing more contrast and brightening the eyes (as well as deepening the shadows and bringing up the midtones), just a lotta stuff for this pic. I love it though. He is now my desktop background. ;-)

Melody sent me this lovely picture of some dewdrops and I really wanted to bring attention to the dewdrop that was in focus. I added a layer at soft light, added another layer and painted white over the plant, then put that on soft light, then I added another layer at (I think) purple and added a texture to it, putting the texture at either multiply or soft light. Then I cropped it to bring even more attention to the dewdrop. (I'm probably forgetting some steps here, as I just went crazy!)

Sarah sent this beautiful picture, which had fairly good quality, but the background was distracting and the color was a little off. I did some smoothing, retouching, cropping, edited the levels & brightness/contrast, then added a color Stylizer at brown (nik color effects).

Want me to edit your photo? Drop me an email at aspireblog[at]hotmail[dot]com and I'll get working! :-)


  1. Oh, my goodness, Hannah! I love it! I wouldn't have thought of editing it that way, but it looks great.

  2. Awesome job with all of these pictures! I love the texture you added for mine - I would never have thought to do that and it adds a nice effect. :)


  3. Beautiful! I personally love Melody's edited picture the best...the texture look wonderful!

    I sent you an e-mail with my I have a limit of photo editing though? You transform pictures with a gorgeous effect!

    -Alexandra :)

  4. Wow, they look amazing, Hannah. You did a fabulous job!

    In Christ,

  5. Hi, I am new here just looking around on blogs and found this, its awesome! What editing do you use? I would love to do pictures like this...just can't figure out how! Thanks!
    In Him,
    Guest ;)


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