Monday, July 12, 2010

The Woodland Set - Some actions that I'm loving...

In the middle of vacation last week, I hung out in my cabin and my grandparent's cabin and worked on making some more actions...aka, I was recuperating from a sunburn and wanted to just sit. However...the first set (entitled The Darling Set) got deleted because I forgot to save them, and then photoshop shut down on me. I was really, very irritated (as I'm sure anyone would be) and instead of exactly "re-creating" the actions, I created a new set of actions that are much improved and simply lovely. I've fondly named this new set of mine, The Woodland Set. Complete with 13 actions, they all have a dreamy, vintage and melancholy feel to them. On my recent post on my regular blog, I used (some) of these actions on my pictures. So I'm very excited to show you them...

What do you think? ♥ (PS--I made the goodbye action as we were leaving the resort. Literally.)
note. due to the feedback received on the previous action set, I'm looking to possibly sell my actions. Your thoughts on that are...?


  1. That's frusterating about the first set. But you new set is great, Hannah! I love Woodland, Watermelon Dreams, and Bright Exes the best.

  2. Oh, lovely! How do you make 'em?

  3. My favorite, I think, is Goodbye. It has such a dreamy and melancholy feel to it. :)

    Lovely work, Hannah! And yes, I would probably buy one of your actions. Just so you know... :)

    Love in Christ,
    Lizzy Rose

  4. love woodland and sunkissed! you're so talented, hannah:)

  5. Great job, Hannah! I love the My Fishing Pole and Little Darling accents the best. :)


  6. My oh my, I loveeee 'Goodbye' and well...i love them all :) Nice work :)

    K xx

  7. I keep trying to figure out how exactly you are supposed to edit certain photos. Then I realized that you are the artist and get to choose what effect you are going for in the picture. You are deffinatly an artist who has beautiful artwork!


  8. Beautiful edits! My favorites are Little Darling and Woodland. :)


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