Sunday, April 25, 2010

A choice

I've come to realize that while photography itself is not self-limiting, your mind-set, as well as your equipment, can prove to be so.

While you don't necessarily need a $700 (or $7000) camera, it's something you should have. Not because without it you can't take good pictures, but because with it you can take better ones. The tools you use will often define your images--not because you couldn't see, but because it didn't get through to your camera.

That being said, while waiting and saving for a camera, you can't limit yourself to nothing. Yes, the image will probably be somewhat grainy, a lot noisy and maybe a little blurry, and not at all clear and crisp and smooth, but that doesn't give you an excuse for stopping. Let your images be that'll still have the memories, the moments, and the beauty. Just accept that and keep clicking. Someday, you'll probably get better equipment. And think how rewarding it will be then.

So let your inspiration abound and your camera going. There is beauty even in the most ordinary of images, and even some in the noisy, grainy, blurry ones.

An example of what I'm talking about. A grainy, noisy image, but I think it's beautiful...I love seeing what is now mine to keep. What I have stopped time for...even for just a moment. 


  1. That's so true, Hannah! Sometimes when I'm shooting with my little $100 Polaroid, I get kind of frustrated when my pictures turn out blurry, or when the flash makes the picture turn out really loud (and plain awful!). But I can't just stop taking pictures! I have to keep shooting, so I'll be ready for that Canon Rebel I'm eyeing and saving for. ;-) Thank you so much for this post... it really encouraged me!

    ~ Love & Blessings,
    Lindsay <3

  2. I used to use a hand-me-down Sony 1.3 MP camera. I used it for a couple years, even though it was terrible. :D I learned a lot about photography, and I gained an eye for things, even though I had such a poor quality camera. I even got ribbons at the County fair with it! (Imagine that!)

    But I am SOOOOO glad that I have my Canon now. It took a lot of saving, but it was worth it!

  3. You took that with the old one?! I was just waiting for you to go, "You just have to keep saving up and waiting, so that you can take pictures like this." Sam is now my desktop background. Congrats to him. :D

  4. That post almost makes me feel better about the quality of my camera...

  5. Wow! Everyone in your family have such big, brilliant blue eyes:] Awesome pic!

  6. I really like this picture!

  7. I started my photography with a point and shoot camera, and used it for over three years. That is what MAKES you a photographer. The ability took be able to take a picture no matter happens.

    You are doing just fine as you are now :)

    But when you do get one, yes it wil be amazing, so keep going...My Canon is my most valuable possession i own. I adore it.

    K xx

  8. I started the same way Katherine! I agree to everything ;)

    Blessings Hannah,

  9. I can totally relate to that!! I just got a $700 camera and I love it, but before I was using a point and shoot that wasn't even mine. I definitely appreciate it a LOT! Also, when it's something you have to save for, it adds to the value of it.


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